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Did you know:

  • 82% of consumers buy green as their first choice
  • Despite the economy, consumers spend more for green products
  • One third of consumers are distrustful of green product claims
  • 41% of consumers will do research to verify green claims

How about this:

  • An efficient business is a green business and therefore a more profitable business
  • Cisco made one environmentally friendly change to their customer support and saved over $528,000,000.00 a year
  • 90% of your trash can most likely be sold at a profit 

Green in Business Training:

You will learn the 9 areas of your business that generate waste (financial as well as environmental)

You will learn how to attract clients and customers who are environmentally conscious (the 82%)

You will learn how to prove to your customers that your green business claims are ligitimate

You will learn how to improve productivity in your business directly improving the bottom line


So why does this matter?

First, we're business people so let's be honest, it's about making your business more money.

Second, it's the right thing to do... Did you know, Leatherback Sea Turtles think plastic bags floating in the ocean are Jellyfish, their primary diet? Did you know this directly affects your business?

How about this, plastic in the ocean breaks down in to tiny particles that mimic plankton. Fish eat these particles and die. Right now there is 24 times more plastic particles in the middle of the Pacific Ocean than plankton effectively eliminating the bottom of our food chain in that regon!

Right now, the entire world economy is changing. This is your chance to position your business at the front of the new economy. It's not about "Greed" anymore, it's about the triple bottom line.

We will show you cost free and inexpensive ways to increase productivety, cut waste and improve your customer base. Maybe we'll surprise you with some interesting environmental facts along the way. Click here to learn more!

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